Who Are We?



Africa Sun Volunteering [ASV] is the volunteer programme of Africa Sol Safaris - a South African safari company.

As part of our corporate outreach programme we have adopted a number of conservation and community projects which are close to our heart.  These particular projects - like all volunteer projects - are urgently in need of assistance; both in kind, as well as financially.

Our programme strives to bring volunteers from all over the world to help make that "difference" to the lives of people in our community - as well as to our surrounding wildlife, which is slowly  succumbing to the threat of poaching, hunting and general abuse and neglect.

Our carefully selected projects afford participants a highly rewarding experience, not only in helping where help is so desperately needed, but also the opportunity to experience life, customs and traditions in one of the most diverse, fascinating and scenic countries on the planet.

And!.... it's not all hard work!   As you will read elsewhere on our site, there are great "fun times", too!


Our Vision

"The minimisation of human and animal suffering in the world.  The safe-guarding of the planet by harnessing the focus, commitment and goodwill of all those people who share in this vision."


Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide the best possible support to our selected projects, which are striving to uplift communities, as well as trying to create a better living environment for Africa's wildlife."


We hope we can look forward to welcoming you on one of our programmes!


 Pieter and Isabel

Let's Volunteer!